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Verify, authenticate, and engage your customers


Delight your customers with a secure and seamless sign-up experience, and effortlessly engage them through the power of mobile messaging.


Why the world’s leading brands trust us.


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We enhance every step of the mobile customer journey.

Activation & Onboarding
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Welcome new customers securely and seamlessly by verifying their data and sending custom messages to their preferred apps.

Maximize conversions and reduce costs with enhanced security and improved marketing campaigns.

Surpass customer expectations with real-time inquiry responses, tailored recommendations, and round-the-clock availability.

Verify Phone Numbers

Ensure real-time accuracy of phone numbers during the sign-up process.

Authenticate Customers

Prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts by sending passcodes.

Engage Customers

Guide customers through the sign-up journey with personalized tips and exclusive offers.

Verify data

Clean up your database of customer phone numbers before launching a campaign.

Secure accounts

Prevent unauthorized access or suspicious requests by sending passcodes.

Personalize marketing

Notify customers of updates, recommendations, and promotions with tailored messages.

Enrich Data

Augment customer profiles with contextual data for sending highly personalized recommendations.

Optimize Experience

Ensure seamless customer authentication for account recovery or changes.

Upgrade Support

Proactively reach out to customers and rapidly address their inquiries, elevating customer satisfaction to new heights.

What can we do for you?

We rely on over 20 years of industry experience and deep technological expertise to solve your business problems. We build configurable APIs and off-the-shelf solutions for mobile channels, based on our proprietary technology stack. And we are committed to creating innovative and reliable solutions for our clients.

Why Choose tyntec

Powerful APIs

Unlock full programmatic access to implement tyntec’s robust features in any application or web form.

Tier 1 Network

Connect with an industry-leading mobile messaging operator, seamlessly linked to a global network of mobile operators.

No-code Implementation

Gain instant access to our services through tyntec’s web tool without the need for API integration.

Scalability for Growth

Seamlessly accommodate increased messaging volumes as your business expands.

24-Hour Support

Enjoy unparalleled convenience with round-the-clock support, regardless of your location.

Expandable Features

Our communication APIs and solutions seamlessly complement our products, allowing you to meet all your requirements throughout the customer journey.

Within just one year:

€ 8 million

new sales generated from customer outreach

5% conversion rate

from message receipt to purchase

1 million

messages exchanged between associates and customers